Sunday, November 23, 2008

War Time Bomb Damage

In this photo of a wartime game between West Ham United and Arsenal at Upton Park in August 1945 the damaged stand is clearly visible in the background. With the Hammers ground situated in East London, near the docks, it was inevitable that it would sustain bomb damage. It wasn't just in London either that grounds were hit. In March 1941 Old Trafford was severely damaged and it was not be repaired for eight years. United returned to Old Trafford in August 1949, having shared City’s Maine Road ground.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Who Are They?

In the archive there are, maybe, 100,000 football pictures, most of them are clearly labelled and if they are not there's usually something that gives a clue to the identity of the players. Every now and then there's bafflement, which is the case with these two pictures from a much larger set of images. Does anyone know who they are? The guess is 1950s, but that's about all. Click on either image to make it bigger.